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ⓐ The Finest Ingredient

Environment-friendly ingredient with the best quality


​   ATH​           Products from SHOWA DENKOO, a Japanese company with

                                   high-end technical skills​

​Plasticizer​     Guaranteed for the consistent and stable quality

                                   Environment-friendly plasticizer


​   PMMA​       Products from LG MMA, using PMMA which maintains the specialities



ⓑ Up to dated Facilities with men of experienced more than 10 years

​- Possible for a production in a large scale / Guaranteed for stable quality

- ​Strong adhesive strength, applicable for Quartz

ⓒ Research and Development for Adhesive, Productivity, Customer Service

- High efficiency with full automated facility enabling price competitiveness

- Resolves Product or service problems by clarifying the customer's needs

- Available for diverse colors