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Sink & Vanity 


We offer you our variety sinks & vanity bowls. No seams, easy cleaning and maintenance will make harmony with counter
top to be your satisfaction Our sinks and vanity bowls can be an elegant, sensible part of your kitchen and bathroom design.
Their premium, high-end looks are not only warm and inviting, but are also naturally resisting the growth of bacteria,mold, and mildew.


The Sinks are available white


*Product Features​


- 100% acrylic Sinks & Bowls
- Excellent quality and design
- The customized designs are available
- Good color matching with solid surface
- Available in even small quantity


 *Single & Double Sink



 *Vanity Bowl









Specific Gravity



ASTM D-792 




 ASTM D-570

 Izod Strength



 ASTM D-256

 Flexural Strength



 ASTM D-790

 Barcol Strength



 JIS K-6911



 No Defect

 Thermohygrostat at 60℃ 24hr after



 No Defect

 Aluminum bowl fo 100℃ oil on the surface and 20mn after

 Impact Resistance


 No Defect

 Steel ball drop on the 1M height

 Weather ability


 No Defect

 UV at 63℃ 4hr after

 Fouling Resistance


 No Defect

 6 sources on the surface 24hr after